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July 18, 2019
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July 18, 2019

Overview of WHAT’S ON TAP

“WHAT’S ON TAP” was started as a way to respond to reports of DSFA (Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault) in an effort to have open dialogue with bar staff, about what they saw in their bars and what they did and could do to prevent drink spiking and DFSA. “WHAT’S ON TAP” raises awareness of DFSA, creates safer spaces, and encourages community accountability. Volunteers are recruited and trained to go into bars, speak with bar staff, provide DFSA flyers for each restroom stall, and speak with patrons when they express interest.

The goals of “WHAT’S ON TAP” are to:

Train: · Train bar owners, staff, volunteers and law enforcement about the realities of DFSA, bystander intervention and what to do.

Acknowledge: · By being a part of this program and spreading the word about TAP, we are acknowledging that a problem does indeed exist, and that we will not ignore it, nor will we tolerate apathy. We acknowledge so that we can change the culture of sexual violence.

Protect: · By becoming aware and educating ourselves, and those in position of responsibility, (i.e., law enforcement, bar owners), and by learning how to intervene as bystanders, we are becoming part of the solution. We are not becoming afraid, but empowered so we can protect ourselves, and feel confident with the resources and knowledge we have gained. Promote an environment of safety in local bars and establishments selling alcohol: · Inform bar staff and patrons about DFSA, date rape drugs and local statistics. · Create dialogue around alcohol impairment and sexual assault. · Create safe plans in the event someone is drugged or overly intoxicated and therefore more susceptible to sexual assault. · Promote bystander intervention from bar staff.

“We were honored to have such a fine organization come to Tail-gator’s and teach our staff the importance of looking out for our customers. This is a very important message to be spread. So many women affected by this are afraid to come forth after an attack. Afraid they will be judged and ridiculed. This is a horrible crime and the offenders should always be reported and prosecuted. Thank you Inner Truth for bringing light to such a dark subject!!”

- Danielle Fisher, Owner Tail-Gator’s Port St. Lucie
Thank you to our main sponsors and watch for a list of upcoming bars that have been trained in your area…If you would like become a sponsor, have your bar staff trained or be a part of our volunteer TAP Team, contact Robin Ratermanis at riorater@hotmail.com